The 5 Shifts Our Students Are Making In Today's Market To Create Six and Seven Figure Incomes While Taking More Time Off Than Ever Before

without paying for online leads, without having to recruit, train and manage a team and without having to resort to all those soul-crushing and outdated sales techniques so many people still teach (which your clients also hate by the way...)

In This Training



The 5 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets Our Students Are Using To Go From No Clients To Top Producers

Our average student comes to us not having sold a home in months or years (or ever).  Learn how they go from struggling and looking for a "real job"  to becoming top agents in their office, being featured in magazines, earning 6 and 7-figures all while having enough time outside their business to do what's most important to them other than work...


The Real Reason Why The Typical Methods Real Estate Agents Are Taught To Get Clients Aren't Sustainable for Long-Term Success...

You know, things like calling your sphere, sending postcards, door-knocking, paying for online leads, having coffee with past clients and "networking...." and how you can start attracting more clients, more consistently by doing something much more simple...



The One Simple Change You Can Make Today to Attract Your Most Ideal Clients...

...even if you have never sold a home before or just moved to a new city....


The ONE THING you need to do to have clients reaching out to you consistently each and every month (maybe even too many)...

...wanting to work with you and only you when they are ready to buy or sell a home.


Who Should Be Getting Your Newsletter (and Who Shouldn't)


...and what to say in your newsletter that has them reach out to you when they are ready to buy or sell a home.  


"I’m making more money than I ever thought was possible and without spending hardly any time or money trying to get clients.
The best part--my clients are happier than ever, and I am too!"

Real Estate Agent and Our Student

Have More Clients Reaching OutTo You, Wanting To Work With YOU and Only You...

Without having to use all those outdated techniques, (like doorknocking or calling "your sphere")or resort to paying for expensive online leads. There is a better way! 

Our students are creating profitable businesses they love, full of their ideal clients, using modern lead generating techniques that both they and their clients love.  

They are doing this without paying for online leads, without having to recruit, train and manage a team and without having to resort to all those soul-crushing and outdated sales techniques so many people still teach (which your clients also hate by the way...)

Join us at this free training and learn the same cutting-edge strategies our students are using and how to apply these same techniques to your own business today.

This Training is a Must Attend If...

  • You are a new agent just starting out and want a proven lead generation plan that will bring you clients quickly, easily and inexpensively.  
  • You are a seasoned real estate agent who has seen some success, but wants a solid plan that actually works to bring in even more clients.
  • You are a very successful agent, but want to decrease the amount of time and money you spend generating leads yet still have the same level of success (or more) than you have already.   
  • The "old ways" of getting clients, like door knocking, calling everyone you know, going to a networking events, and constantly looking for business, is, well...getting old..and you want a new and modern way of getting clients that feels great to both you and them.  
  • You are sick and tired of paying for leads (and oh how disloyal online leads are)!
  • You want to position yourself as THE go-to real estate expert without you always having to ask for business.
  • You want clients coming to you when they are ready to take action, rather than you feeling like you always have to be on the hunt for your next deal. 


Learn from an agent who was named one of the top 1% real estate agents in the US.

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About Jennifer Myers

Learn From One of the Top 100 Real Estate Agents in the US!

The first four years of my full-time real estate career, I sold only two homes. I was doing everything every other real estate agent was doing and getting nowhere.  I had to take a second job at night at a bar called Rock Bottom.  Life has a funny way of pointing out exactly where you are...

I felt like I had exhausted all avenues within the real estate industry so decided to look outside the real estate industry at what other solo-entrepreneurs were doing.

Once I implemented what they were doing in their small businesses to my own real estate business, everything changed for the better drastically.

I had more clients wanting to work with me than I could even handle. I had to open an entire real estate brokerage full of agents to handle all the leads.

I became one of the top 100 of real estate agents in the country, won every top producer award and became the go-to expert for local and national news outlets.

I created a business beyond my wildest dreams.  A yearly revenue of over $1M for over a decade without the hustle, without always feeling like I was hunting for clients.  They reached out to me when they were ready to take action instead of me chasing people down.

Then I starting teaching other real estate agents how to do the same thing using my step-by-step formula had they starting seeing similar results.  

So, if you are ready to drop all the old ways of getting clients, drop the constant chase for leads and finally position yourself as a go-to expert clients want to work with, I can't wait to show you how.

Sign up for the free training below and start implementing these same tactics into your own real estate business today.


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"I have more clients coming in than I have had in the past 7 years working in real estate. And I don't even work 40 hours per week. This is a guaranteed formula for success."

Real Estate Agent and Our Student

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Learn the 5 Shifts Our Students Are Making To Create Six and Seven Figure Incomes, All Without Using Any Of Those Old And Outdated Sales Techniques We Are All Taught And Without Having To Pay For Expensive and Disloyal Online Leads.


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The 5 Shifts Our Students Are Making In Today's Market To Make Six & Even Seven Figures While Taking Off More Time Off Than Ever Before

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