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We’ve created these templates just for you, then! Our assumption when we created these was that most real estate agents don’t want to deal with complicated technology—they want to be out in the field, not behind a computer. That’s why we’ve taken all the guesswork out of your website.

If your website is not actively bringing you new leads, it’s not working for you. Every real estate agent needs a website, but not just any website. We are living in a digital age and your website is your calling card, business card, and lead generator all in one. That’s intimidating if you’re starting from scratch—but with our templates, there’s no blank page. We’ve got it all formulated for you, so that you can spend a little upfront time getting your website launched and then let it bring you leads. We also have additional programs to help you with your marketing even more. Our methods are tried and tested for ultimate success for real estate agents.

To build our Love At First Website templates, we scoured the internet for the easiest, most user-friendly platform to use. That’s how we found Showit!  Showit works seamlessly with Wordpress and together, along with your Love at First Website Template, creates your new website. It sounds complicated, but it's not!  We walk you through step-by-baby-step with video screen casts every step of the way. 

Showit is a monthly cost of $29/month, which covers the use of the platform and website hosting (a steal, considering most hosting plans are $50/month and up!). You’ll also need Mailchimp, which is free to start and the price increases as your needs change. Wordpress is used for your blog, but it’s free to use with Showit. That’s it!

You can easily change over to our template with our handy guides.

Totally! It’s as easy as a click and replace text. Once you get in your Dashboard and watch our videos, you’ll see just how easy it is.

YES! You have everything covered in your Dashboard once you buy a template. You’ll get PDFs, screencasts, and more than enough material to make sure you are successful.

We recommend giving yourself about 2-3 weeks to get the text switched out and to have some blog posts ready to publish. We walk you through ALL of that in your Dashboard, as well!

Our step-by-step tutorials should eliminate many questions for you, we hope you don't have any issues at all, but one of the reasons we chose Showit was because their customer support is fantastic, so you can ask them any questions you need if you run into an issue with the actual platform. For the templates themselves, we have a great Q&A Vault inside the program that answers most of the questions that will pop up, but if you have additional questions, we can answer them for you!  

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