Does your website generate you leads and grow your business every day?

Does your website make your ideal client beg to work with you? 

No? Thank goodness you’re here...

Get a website THAT ACTUALLY GETS YOU CLIENTS without the tech guy, graphic designer or wanting to pull your hair out.   

All you have to do is fill-in-the blanks--like Mad Libs!

You and your clients are going to fall in Love at First Website...guaranteed!  

If your website isn't generating you leads, you have the wrong website

Here's the problem with almost every real estate agent's website...

Until now, real estate agents only have had two choices when it comes to having a website to marketing themselves and their business.

Either, get a templated website that looks like every other real estate agent in town--one that features properties, property searches and nothing about what makes your dream clients actually want to work with you.

Nothing that sets you apart from the sea of real estate agents sameness. 

Or, your other option is to spend thousands of dollars to get a website that’s more “you,” which takes a year to create, makes you want to pull your hair out while you try to get a designer, developer and your therapist to get your vision on the screen.

It never gets done and never looks how you want it to in the end.  


Oh, and who has time for that when you are running around from client to client, let alone the several thousands of dollars it costs to make a website from scratch?

But, neither of these options were great at doing what your website should actually do for you...get you leads.  

So, instead, you pay thousands of dollars a month for online leads or hound everyone you know to send you clients.

Even if you do get a lead, they may visit your website, but there is nothing there that keeps them coming back, so off they go to another real estate agent they heard about.

And you are back to trying to generate leads in ways that suck the life out of you like door knocking,  bugging everyone you know, and paying out the wazoo for disloyal online leads. 

But, the whole point of having a website is to get clients.  

So why isn't your website bringing you clients? 

Because 99% of real estate agent websites don't convince visitors to do two very important things.  

The first is answer the question why should someone choose YOU over all the other options they have to buy or sell a home, and the second is getting your website visitor to willingly give you their email address and ask you to stay in touch with them.

Once you have a website that does these two very important things for you, your website will become the lead producing machine it was always meant to be. 


Your website should be a lead generation machine, bringing you clients when you are
doing something way more fun.

In today's market, you've got to have the right website to be competitive, turn leads into clients who love you, and succeed in this business. 

The majority of buyers start their search online and most sellers look at an agents website to determine whether they should choose that agent to sell their home.  

It's time to expect more from your website...like getting leads and turning those leads into actual clients...without YOU having to do anything.

Not only what it can be, but how it can look, and how easy it can be to create a website that puts your personality on the page and has your leads begging to be your clients.  Yes, that's  possible.  

Your website should stop your dream clients in their tracks and make them want to work with you and only you (and tell all their friends how amazing you are too).  

Have a website your clients will fall in love with and you will too. 

A website that will make them fall in love with you at first "site" and never let you go…

A website that’s so irresistibly one-of-a-kind, it sets you apart from every other real estate agent they are checking out that they actually want to hear from you and want work with you. 

FINALLY, A "FILL IN THE BLANKS" website that actually gets you clients without the tech guy, graphic designer or wanting to pull your hair out.    

IT'S AS EASY AS MAD LIBS And at a price you can afford...HALLALUAH!

These easy-to-use and customizable website templates are the ONLY websites designed exclusively for real estate agents by a real estate agent who used her website to become one of the top 1% of agents in the U.S. 

Proven lead generation techniques have been thoughtfully built in to the templates to help you attract and even more importantly keep the clients of your dreams.

Finally, a website that gets you the leads you’ve always wanted and keeps them coming back.

Don't let tech nightmares or waiting on a graphic designer slow you down, pick your favorite template and follow the step-by-baby-step instructional videos walking you through every step to get your new lead generating website up and running quickly and easily.  

Your new fill-in-the-blank website template also comes with a bonus step-by-step video tutorial series showing you exactly how to set up your new website--what say, how to say it and where  to put it--so that your unique personality jumps off the screen, having your ideal client fall in love with you at first "site."

You'll have your new website up within days or weeks, not months or years AND without the frustration, or waiting on a team of tech guys or designers for updates--you have total control.

We are so confident you'll love your new website, we even offer a "30 Day Love It Or Your Money Back" Guarantee.  

Have a website both you and your clients will love in less than 30 days or less. One that brings you business on auto-pilot while you are out doing what you really want to do.   


The hardest part might be choosing which template you want most...



Choose A Template

The hardest part of setting up your new website, is probably choosing which one you want! Pick your favorite, securely check out 24/7 and get started now!


Watch The Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

You get step-by-step video tutorials FREE with your template to make sure you can get your site up and working quickly and easily. You’ve totally got this (and I'll be right beside you every click along the way)!



Make your website oh-so-you in no time! In the videos that come with your template, we tell you what to put where so your personality jumps off the page and your website visitors (and all your new leads) fall in love with you at first "site" and want to work with you and only you.


About Jennifer Myers
Creator of Love at First Website and Founder of AgentGradSchool.com

Jennifer spent the first four years of her full-time real estate career struggling. She was smart, she was successful in her previous career, but when it came to selling homes, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t figure out how to attract and keep clients.

Once she started looking outside the real estate industry at what other online entrepreneurs were doing to grow there businesses and applying those tactics to her real estate business, everything changed.

Almost overnight, she had more clients than she could handle and had to open entire brokerage to help all the clients that were coming her way.

From then on, she won every top-producing award in her very competitive Washington, DC market and even was one of the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide (Real Trends), was Buyer Agent of the Year for the National Association of Realtors, and also was asked to be a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council.

Her website was the cornerstone of her business, bringing in leads and clients daily.  

One of the things she heard most was, “wow, your website is awesome. It’s so different than any other real estate agent website I’ve ever seen. That’s why we wanted to work with you.”

Agents from across the country and even as far as Canada started asking her how they could grow their businesses the same way she did and her answer was always the same.  

“Create a online brand for your real estate business, starting with your website, so you that your ideal clients understands clearly why they should work with you. Stand out among the sea of sameness, that’s what your clients want. They don’t want you to be like every other real estate agent, they want you to be more human, more like them. Give them that and the place to start is your website.”


Finally have a website that brings you clients.

That's the entire point of having a website and any marketing you do as a real estate agent for that matter... 

All you have to do is fill in the blanks in the template you choose and your clients will be falling in love with you (and only you) at first "site."

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It's finally time to have a website that brings you clients.
Lots and lots of clients...

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